Environmental Impact

Offshore Wind Power’s New Horizons

Offshore wind production is probably the smallest form of energy production when it comes to doing the work offshore. The space that is available to do the production is also pretty close to being full, which is leading to the need to find new ways to install the equipment while keeping people and the installations safe. Engineering for this could lead to ways to handle several other areas, even possibly living spaces under the sea. The possibilities may not all be obvious at this time, but people can be excited that there are possibilities because of green energy.

Foreign Coal Addiction

No matter what is done, coal is not a clean energy source, whether it is the smoke from burning or the ash that needs to be disposed of. There are many nations where offshore wind could help shore areas stop using coal in nations like China. It could even help island nations that are seeing certain foreign nations trying to control them from the island nations not having any control of their energy production. While it would not end the need for coal, it would lessen it. People can have more freedom with this type of generation.

New Living Spaces

One of the old science fiction mainstays is people living under the oceans, where they would have access to new areas to mine and help with overcrowding in some cities. Offshore wind production could help provide electricity, as it would be able to be placed on underwater buildings for stability. While some of these buildings might not be used for permanent living quarters, they are good areas for some work or even tourist excursions. Having a source of power was always a concern, but this is one of the two best ways to allow constant power.

New Engineering Solutions

There are many reasons that humans need to explore the ocean bottoms, which could be made easier by the science learned from finding new ways to anchor offshore wind turbines. The amount of engineering problems equal those of going into space, which allowed new technologies that were only dreamed of in science fiction stories before that. The oceans are right here, which means we should see what we can do there without destroying the area we are doing anything. Solutions would allow us a chance to see sustainability in other areas, including space programs and building projects.

New Safety Measures

Wind turbines need lubrication, which has been shown to have many problems when there is a failure. The ocean does not need these lubricants, usually petroleum based, to end up spilling. This is why the designers of turbines are constantly working to improve safety, which can prevent the critics from winning in elections and public debates. These new safety measures can be used in other areas, including turbines used in other technologies. There will need to be ways to keep the oceans clean, which could never happen if the worst scenario happens, but technologies are improving.

Battery Charging Help

Many places are finding out how much renewable energy is needed not just to charge electric vehicles, but how that power is generated. An additional area that has become front and center is the amount of power it takes to make the vehicles. Coastal areas, especially those using new areas used from new engineering, could benefit from getting new jobs where electricity was a concern for manufacturing and the servicing industry. This could allow power from the coast to be sent inland, which could allow them to power new EVs that now can be powered.

Less Environmental Changes

One of the complaints that have been brought up about wind turbines on land is the death of flying creatures, however uncommon the occurrence. Birds fly far less often over water, especially where turbines are placed. There is also the shaping of the land where the turbines go, which changes the ecosystem. This can be less of a problem for turbines placed offshore, with the right planning. The main consideration with a real impact is the changing of electromagnetic fields from transmission lines. This seems to be lessened underwater, so this could change a few placement plans.

Jobs Can Grow

As companies find steady power sources that are environmentally friendly, they will move to the locations, which will help these economies. It will also be a way for people to know that their products have been made ethically, which brings more profits for growth. These businesses will attract other businesses, like stores, restaurants, and a multitude of other industries. There would be a need for new construction of green structures after older buildings are demolished. In some places, it could bring a revitalization that had been needed from people leaving for several reasons for decades.

New Cleaning Technologies

Few people have ever heard of the Kingston, TN TVA coal ash spill, with many others hearing about it and forgetting about it over the decade and a half since it happened. As the coal plants are taken down, there is a need for a better way to handle the coal ash that is at these sites. There has barely been any move in this area, but offshore wind drops the production of ash, which allows for a little longer to find solutions. The environmental impact of the most common power production is far worse than any wind turbine.

Many new technologies and solutions are coming for the wind industry, which will impact people in ways they may not even think about. These are just a few of the ways changes will be coming to communities. While most people never think about how their power is produced, some are thinking about how to make the impact happen in an unseen way that will make life better.